The Scottish strongman games

Today we are going to be sharing a blog post with you that is about the Scottish strong man games.   Unlike any other strong man games the Scottish ones are 10 times better than anywhere else in the world. This is because they use natural things versus weights. The strongman competition in America is very boring because all they do is squat heavy bench heavy and deadlifts heavy. But in the Scottish strongman tournament the lift logs and throw them,  pick up big heavy tires and one of them around, pick up big heavy bars and do races with them with about 1000 pounds on their back, and they pull big fire trucks.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me like the strongest man in the world come from Scotland because they are just naturally inclined to be strong. What makes the strongman competitions even more interesting is that here in Scotland we do them in kilts. There is actually a guy who is on one of the strongman competitions and he could bench 800 pounds and play The bagpipes at the same time. Now is that something that is absolutely insane? I would like to think so. It seems that not only are the strongman very muscular in this country.  Just the regular people are very strong as well. It is something that we find that is very crazy because of the fact that nowhere else in the world is anybody naturally strong. Everybody in the United States has to work out every day to get big and buff. I know plenty of Scottish people that have never worked out a day in their lives  yet they can lift over 500 pounds. No what is it that makes us have that  natural  inclination.  Scottish people believe that if it’s just the genetics and us. We come from the past time of barbaric warfare, you know the guys who thought they were going to go to Vallhalla?  You don’t know what Valhall is, here is a little history lesson on it. Full Halle was what the barbarians thought of as heaven for them.

Getting back to what we were talking about though, it is on doubted Lee true that the most entertaining strongman competitions come straight out of Scotland. If you are not convinced by what I am saying today, just go to Scotland yourself and watch one. Unlike in other countries where they just lift heavy weights to break a record,  they actually are there to put on a show it is entertainment them not a manly man competition. That’s the cool part about it is that everybody is respectful towards each other and they put on a show together which takes teamwork. Of course they are still competing but they like to add a little fun to it as well.

now that you know everything about what the strongman competitions are like Binh, you should travel there now and go see one for yourself. I promise you will be absolutely blown away with what you see and you will not think you wasted a single dime on coming to this beautiful country.