The drinking problem in Scotland


Drinking Hello everybody and I am back to share yet another post with you guys. Last time I talked about something fun and cool which was about the Scottish strong man games. Today I want to talk about something serious though and that is the drinking problem in Scotland. As many of you know, us Scottish people love to  drink because it is our past time. This is something that is not so great though because many people have died because of it. As of this day, I am officially quitting drinking alcohol because too many of my family members have died from being alcoholics.

Drinking is something Scottish people love to do because it is what they do for fun and the best drinkers in the world are from Scotland. You may think that drinking is fun because you see the Scottish going so crazy and having so much fun while they’re drunk. But there is a harsh reality behind that and that is  that all of those people you see having fun drinking are actually severe alcoholic’s. Behind closed doors they have very stressful and depression Braden lives. These are very unhappy people and if they drink to take their sorrows away. What is there better to better to  do when you’re depressed? Nothing is better than drinking because it takes all of your problems away temporarily and you can party your heart out and have fun. When you come off the high though and reality sets in again, it makes things even worse than they were. Alcohol is a suppressant which means that if you drink a lot of it your depressions will go away temporarily and you will feel good again. Most of the time it just leaves you in a bigger hole than you were last time.

The death rate this year is soaring in Scotland because of alcoholic related deaths. There were 2000 recorded people that died in Scotland last year because of alcohol poisoning. These people were probably all at big get-togethers or parties or they had some drinking game and kill themselves. Drinking is a very serious  issue and it is something you want to stay away from if you can. It is better not to start if it is something that you can handle. Believe me when I say this, you’re better off with never touching a drop of alcohol in your life because all it takes is one sip and everything is over.  I have battled my alcohol addiction over the years and now I am fed up and am ready to quit. That is it, I am done! Thank you for tuning in today everybody and I hope this post can inspire you to quit drinking if you have any problems with it.

I would like to reach out to  help Guide because they are a great source if you are looking to stop your alcohol addiction. They will give you the best tips on what to do if you’re in this predicament.