My best memory growing up in Scotland.

Hey people and welcome back to my blog. I am so glad you’re here today to listen to the story I have to tell you. Today I want to talk to you about my favorite memory of Scotland. That is the time that I got my first car.

Let me start off by saying that I lived on a farm when I was in Scotland so we were able to drive at a very young age. I started driving cars when I was nine years old because there are no police out on the farmland.  It was also the love that you were able to drive when you’re 14 years old on farm roads. I got my first car when I was 15 years old because my dad was strolling to another neighbor farm and they had in old Toyota pick up truck for me. It was from the 1970s and it ran very well. It had very low miles and sat in the garage for its whole life time, so it was like I was driving something new. This felt like the best day of my life because now I had my own transportation and I could go anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted to.  Imagine being 15 years old and completely free to wherever you want to. Talk about true freedom right there because having a car makes life so much better. I had school amazing times with him and I still have it today.   It still has the original paint on it, can you believe that? It is amazing how long a car can last when you take truly good care of it. It still looks like you just pulled it off the dealership back in 1972.  I use this as a reminder to myself to let myself know to always stay humble and never take anything for granted. When I grow my family did not have much, so we had to make everything last as long as we could. This car symbolizes something and it makes me appreciate life so much  more now that I am successful and have a lot more money. I still drive the truck to this day.

One of the best times I ever had in the truck was when I took my first girlfriend out to the best view point in Scotland. We did so many fun things that night that I will never forget it.

Another great thing that I did with the truck is my friends and I did a whole road trip across the whole continent of Europe. We went from Scotland all the way to the end of Russia. It was truly in eye-opening and amazing experience.  We literally drove thousands of miles to get to where we wanted to go. I was amazed at how far such an old truck could drive. You know what they say about diesels, they last a long time.  The truck currently has more than 600,000 miles on it and it still runs like a dream. Of course I have had to replace a few motors here and there and brakes and whatnot, but the wheels are still turning.

Everybody remembers the first time they got a car and it seems like the best day of their lives. Just make sure that if you are a young kid reading this blog to never take anything for granted and appreciate everything that is given to you. There are so many kids that don’t even get the chance to ever own a car because their family can’t afford to do so.

Like I always say everybody, I hope you enjoyed my little story I had to share with you today and keep coming back for more!