Kinlochbervie Scotland blog

Hello everybody, this is a blog that we are creating that is all about Kinlochbervie Scotland.  My name is Damon and I grew up in Scotland, my family is Scottish and they have lived there for many generations. If you’d like to know more about me then visit the about page.

Here is a video about the history of Scotland. Please watch and take in.

Growing up in Scotland was an awesome experience.  I got to experience all of the awesome Scottish traditions through my years living there. There are many fun times I can recollect on and many awesome stories I have to tell. This blog  is simply a tribute to Scotland. I will be sharing posts with you guys about my different stories and experiences growing up in Scotland. This will be a story blog about my younger life growing up in This awesome country.  This is also a blog that is going to give you tons of travel information on the country of Scotland, so if you ever decide you want to go visit, you can have a great time.   There is so much culture that Scotland has to offer it is crazy. It is one of the ultimate vacation destinations in the world because there is just so much to experience. If you’re an avid traveler and you have not been to Scotland, then you are not truly living yet.

One of my favorite things about Scotland is the strongman competitions. Some of the strongest people in the world come from Scotland. Another cool thing about this country is our national musical instrument. That is the bagpipes of course.  This is perhaps the coolest musical instrument ever created. When I was a little kid we used to love it when our father and danced around and are kilts and played the bagpipes. There are so many fun memories I have  of Scotland in the hope that I can encourage people to go visit and live in this country for a bit of time.

That is what this blog is about in a nutshell. Please come back on a daily basis to get more posts about Scotland.please come back on a daily basis to get more posts about Scotland.